Standard Woodgrain Finishes

Make to Order Finishes

Woodgrain Durability and Testing

Our Woodgrain finish is very durable and it is certified for indoor and outdoor applications and is backed by a comprehensive warranty. Our base coat powder and Woodgrain film suppliers have done extensive durability testing in an accelerated lab environment and also in the field in Florida where they have rigorously tested the finished samples under harsh climates in order to provide a durable, low maintenance alternative to Natural Wood and Stone.

Woodgrain Advantages

Using Woodgrain finished products for your projects helps preserve our precious forest and also helps our environment as it reduces the use of natural wood. With the advancement in imaging and cloud computing technologies, many industries are trying to reduce the use of paper in an effort to conserve our forest. Link Powder Coating and Link Decorative Designs is proud to give you an option of using Woodgrain finish on Aluminium on your projects to help reduce the use of natural wood and give your project a long lasting durable finish. Aluminium that is sublimated with Woodgrain finish is very lightweight and easy to handle and can help save on transportation and labor cost.

Our Woodgrain finish protects the substrate against outdoor elements such as ultraviolet rays thus giving your finished product a durable finish. Woodgrain finished material is virtually maintenance free as it does not require costly re-staining to maintain it. Moreover, these materials are resistant to humidity, weather, light, corrosion and most importantly, they are non-combustible and bushfire safe, unlike natural wood.

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