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Decorative Designs and Custom Sublimation

The possibilities are endless!! At Link Powder Coating and Link Decorative Designs, we offer custom sublimation services on our DURALUXE® panels. Our highly sophisticated vacuum bed is capable of sublimating flat sheets of Aluminium as large as 1.2m by 4.0m. We are the exclusive licensed manufacturers of DURALUXE® Sublimation panels here in Australia and New Zealand. Yes, our panels are manufactured right here in Kings Park, NSW, using foreign raw materials.

DURALUXE® panels are the ultimate sublimation panels with unmatched durability for both interior and exterior applications. We use state of the art software and printer to print your images and signs using special inks on unique transfer paper and then sublimate those images onto your substrate.

Please contact us with your project details and we will be happy to provide you with unique options to meet your specific project requirements.

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